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Terms And Conditions

erms and conditions of purchase

1. For the peace of mind of the customers, the announced prices include shipping and other costs and the customer will not pay any other costs.

2. Please note that in order to facilitate matters and ensure that your application is submitted in the best possible way, it is necessary to fill out the forms with accurate information.

3. After placing the order, our sales experts will send your order to the specified address in less than 2 working days.

4. The customer will be responsible for registering wrong information and any error that occurs in sending the order based on it.

5. Due to the high speed in preparing the order, preparing the transporter and loading the cement, the product purchased in this store cannot be exchanged, changed or adjusted.

6. The cement purchased from the online store joins the queue of other factory orders as soon as possible and is sent in turn.

7. The speed of sending the purchased cement depends on the ability of the shipping companies to provide the required transport vehicle (and driver) and for the place of the ordered address, and therefore it is outside the obligations of Sepehr, Qir, and Karzin Cement Company. However, in order to facilitate the affairs for customers and in line with the company's customer-oriented goals, if the shipping companies are not able to carry the online order within 7 working days, Sepehr and Qeer and Karzin Cement Company will carry and deliver the order using its organizational trucks. accepts In this case, the initial order may be changed in proportion to the loadable volume of the company's organizational vehicles. This obligation is not included in the transportation of bulk cement.